How to allow gallery view on Zoom?

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To permit exhibition views on Zoom, conform to those means:

  • Send off Zoom:

Open the Zoom application for your PC or portable apparatus. Sign in to your Zoom account whenever it hastened.

  • Begin or Join a Gathering:

Begin another gathering by means of tapping on the "New Meeting" button or be essential for a current gathering with the guide of entering the gathering ID and secret word provided by the host.

  • Access video settings:

Locate the video settings once you are inside the meeting. On a cell phone, tap the presentation screen to show the gathering controls, then tap at the 3 specks (more other options) symbol.

  • Select Exhibition View:

In the video settings menu, look for a choice ordered "View" or "Video Layout" for short. Snap or tap on this component to intensify it. You want to see a few configuration choices, comprehensive of "Speaker View" also, "Gallery View." Select "Gallery View" from the rundown.

  • Change Format (discretionary):

After you select Gallery View, Zoom will display all of your video feeds in a grid on your screen. You could see anywhere from a few to dozens of video tiles, depending on your tool's backbone and screen length. You can resize or alter the arrangement of the video matrix by utilizing hauling the corners or edges of the Zoom window.

  • Affirm Determination:

Whenever you have chosen Display View, Zoom will regularly move to this format, and you will actually want to see all patrons' video taken care of simultaneously.

How to allow gallery view on Zoom



Empowering Display View on Zoom permits you to peer more than one person simultaneously, simplifying it to cooperate with everyone inside the gathering, uniquely in foundation conversations or shows. It improves the noticeable discussion and encourages better joint effort among members.


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