What causes international conflicts?

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Updated 25-Feb-2024
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International conflicts can be caused by various factors, including territorial dispute , resource competition, ideological differences ,  religious tensions , historical grievances , economic interest , power struggles , economic interests , power struggles , and geopolitical ambitions among nation . Additionally, issue such as ethic conflicts , human rights violations , and geopolitical alliances can also contribute to international tensions and conflicts . 

International conflicts encompass a wide range of disputes and confrontations between nations or other actors on the global stage . These conflicts can arise due to a multitude of reason , including :

  1. Territorial dispute : Conflict over land or maritime boundaries , often fueled by historical claims or strategic importance .
  2. Resource competition : Competition over natural resources such as oil , water , minerals , or arable land can lead to tension between countries .
  3. Ideological differences : Clashes between nations with differing political , economic , or social system can escalate into conflict .
  4. Religious tension : Conflict rooted in religious differences or sectarian divides, which can lead to violence and instability .
  5. Historical grievances : Lingering animosities or unresolved disputes from the past can contribute to ongoing conflict between nations .
  6. Economic interest : Disputes over trade , tariffs, economic sanctions, or control over economic resource can lead to international friction .
  7. Power struggles : Competing for regional or global influence , prestige , or dominance can result in conflict between major power or regional actor.