What to do if the keyboard is not working?

Asked 17-Nov-2023
Updated 18-Nov-2023
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If your keyboard is not working, there are numerous steps you may take to troubleshoot and remedy the difficulty.

Check Physical Connections: Ensure that the keyboard is nicely linked to the pc. If it is a stressed out keyboard, make certain the USB or PS/2 cable is securely plugged in. For wi-fi keyboards, make sure that the batteries aren't depleted, and the wi-fi receiver is attached.

Restart Your Computer: Sometimes, a easy restart can remedy hardware problems. Reboot your pc and spot if the keyboard starts working once more.

Try a Different USB Port: If you're the use of a USB keyboard, try plugging it right into a exclusive USB port. This can help rule out issues with a specific port.

Check for Driver Issues: Ensure that your keyboard drivers are updated. You can do this through the Device Manager on Windows or the System Preferences on macOS. Update or reinstall the drivers if vital.

Test on Another Computer: If viable, check the keyboard on another laptop to decide whether the problem is with the keyboard itself or the laptop.

Use On-Screen Keyboard: Most working systems have an on-screen keyboard that you can use briefly. This can be useful for inputting commands and troubleshooting.

Check for Physical Damage: Inspect the keyboard for bodily harm, together with unfastened or broken cables, and clean the keyboard to take away any particles that may be affecting its functionality.