What is the impact of sugar on health?

Asked 28-Oct-2023
Updated 21-Feb-2024
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The impact of sugar on health can be significant . Excessive consumption of sugar is linked to obesity , type 2 diabetes , heart disease , and tooth decay. It can also contribute to inflammation and may increase the risk of certain cancers . Moderation is key to maintaining a healthy diet .

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to various health issues , including : 

  1. .Obesity : Sugary foods and drinks are high in calories and can contribute to weight gain if consumed in excess.
  2. Heart diseases : High sugar intake has been associated with an increase risk  of heart diseases , including heartattack , strokes , andotherproblems
  3. Liver issue : Excess sugar consumption can overload the liver , leading of fatty liver disease and other problems .
What is the impact of sugar on health