What is the aim of Gaganyaan mission?

Asked 24-Aug-2023
Updated 24-Aug-2023
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The aim of Gaganyaan mission is to take Indians to space with a crew spacecraft. The mission or aim is to show India's capability to the space and take them back safely to there places.

The mission provides opportunity to conduct experiments. There are several research with a wide range of scientific atmosphere like biology, astronomy. Studying in better way and keep knowledge of space can lead to the success.

Gaganyaan will help to collect data on astronauts adaptation to microgravity, which helps to planned to the moon and mars.

Gaganyaan is a source of inspiration for India's youth and a matter of national pride. In 2024 ISRO is planning to send Gaganyaan. 

In 2018 honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that we will send Gaganyaan. But due to COVID and some another issue it is extended.

So as I mentioned above the main aim to send Indians to space..