Why is Hinduism a popular religion in Russia?

Asked 11-Jul-2023
Updated 18-Jul-2023
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Hinduism is not a popular religion in Russia. In fact, it is a very small minority religion, with only around 140,000 adherents, or 0.1% of the population. However, there are a number of reasons why Hinduism has been gaining popularity in Russia in recent years.

  • The influence of Indian culture: Russia has a long history of interaction with India, and there has been a growing interest in Indian culture in recent years. This has led to increased exposure to Hinduism, and some Russians have been drawn to its philosophy and practices.
  • The work of Hindu missionaries: There have been a number of Hindu missionaries active in Russia in recent years, and they have been successful in converting some Russians to Hinduism. These missionaries have often focused on young people and intellectuals, who are more likely to be open to new ideas.
Why is Hinduism a popular religion in Russia
  • The appeal of Hindu philosophy: Hinduism is a very diverse religion, but it is often characterized by its emphasis on spirituality, non-violence, and tolerance. These values are appealing to some Russians who are looking for an alternative to the dominant Russian Orthodox Church.
  • The search for personal fulfillment: In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Eastern spirituality in Russia. This is partly due to the influence of Western New Age movements, but it is also due to the search for personal fulfillment among some Russians. Hinduism offers a number of practices that can help people to achieve personal growth and fulfillment, and this has attracted some Russians to the religion.

It is important to note that Hinduism is still a very small minority religion in Russia, and it is not likely to become a major religion in the country anytime soon. However, the growth of Hinduism in Russia is a sign of the increasing diversity of the Russian religious landscape.