Which country lost most number of submarine in Second World War?

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The country that lost the most number of submarines in World War II was Germany. The German Kriegsmarine launched 1,162 U-boats during the war, of which 785 were destroyed (632 at sea) along with the loss of 30,000 crew. The British anti-submarine ships and aircraft accounted for over 500 kills. At the end of the war, 156 U-boats surrendered to the Allies, while the crews scuttled 221 others, chiefly in German ports.

Which country lost most number of submarine in Second World War

The German submarine fleet was a major factor in the Battle of the Atlantic, which was the longest continuous military campaign in World War II. The U-boats sank over 2,800 Allied merchant ships, totaling over 14 million tons, and played a major role in the early stages of the war. However, the Allies eventually developed effective anti-submarine measures, and the U-boat fleet was gradually defeated.

Other countries that lost significant numbers of submarines in World War II include:

  • Japan: 129 submarines
  • Italy: 91 submarines
  • Soviet Union: 98 submarines
  • United States: 52 submarines
  • United Kingdom: 73 submarines

The loss of submarines was a major blow to all of these countries, as submarines were an important weapon in naval warfare. The high number of submarine losses also highlights the dangers of submarine warfare, as these vessels are often difficult to detect and destroy.

In addition to the countries listed above, a number of other countries also lost submarines during World War II. These include France, Romania, Bulgaria, and Finland. The total number of submarines lost during the war is estimated to be over 500.

The loss of submarines was a significant factor in the outcome of World War II. The U-boat campaign in the Atlantic was a major strategic threat to the Allies, and the eventual defeat of the U-boat fleet was a major turning point in the war. The loss of other countries' submarines also contributed to the Allied victory.