When was the My country My Life written?

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When was the My country My Life  written?

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The book ‘My Country My Life’ is an Autobiography of politician ‘L. K. Advani’, and is written by him as well. He is famously known as ‘Lal Krishna Advani’. The book was published under ‘Rupa & Co.’ Publication House.

When was the My country My Life  written?
The Autobiography was released by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the eleventh President of India, on March 19, 2008. In the Autobigraphy Advani narrated various incidence of his personal as well as Political life. The book has been named as the best-seller book in the non-fictional category, and it made L.K.Advani the best seller Author of the year. The book includes various political activities and India’s History since 1900.
He mentioned various events like how partition of India was very heart-breaking for him and his family, and due to communal violence he and his family was forced to leave their beloved motherland Sindh during partition of India and Pakistan. He is been the part of active politics from about past six decades. In his political life-span he experienced many incidences and narrated all that very well that how was the emergency phase for his BJP party, how he participated in the massive protest with Ram Rath Yatra for reconstruction of Ram Temple in the Ayodhya.
The book consists of 1,040 pages, in which he divided the story in 5 different phases. Each phase is a collection of different year decades, the First Phase includes the events of 1927-47, ‘Sindh & India- An Unbreakable Bond’. The Second Phase includes the events from 1947-57, ‘Journey from Sindh to Rajasthan’. The Third Phase includes the story from 1957-77, ‘Entry into National Politics’. Fourth Phase included the story events from 1977-97, ‘BJP’s Spectacular Rise, and the last and the Fifth Phase of the book includes the events from the year 1997-2007, ‘India Strong & Self-Confident’. He said about the book that, ‘It is a book about India’s History, Philosophy, Political Commentary, Personal Observation of passing scene, all put together in a language’.