India's fastest indigenous train "Train 18" was renamed as?

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Rahul Roi asked 18-Jun-2019 in General Knowledge by Rahul Roi

 India's fastest indigenous train 'Train 18' was renamed as

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Anonymous User answered 16-Aug-2019 by Anonymous User

“Vande Bharat Express” is the new name given to India’s fastest indigenous train, ‘Train 18’.


Vande Bharat Express runs between Varanasi and Delhi and it will cover about 755 km distance in 8 hours with only two stoppages i.e. at Kanpur and Prayagraj. The name Vande Bharat has been changed after taking suggestion from the general public. The train has been built completely in India by Indian Engineers in a time-period of 18 months and it is has been a great example put forward that it is possible to make world-class trains in India under the name ‘Made in India’.

Vande Bharat Express is presently the fastest train on the route. Before this, the fastest train took around 11-and-a-half-hours to complete the journey from Varanasi to Delhi. The maximum operating speed of the train is 160 kmph. However, the self-propelled state-of-the-art train set hit the 180 kmph speed mark during its trials, and make it the fastest train on the Indian Railways network.

Vande Bharat Express is an Engine-less train and is a 16-coach all air-conditioned train set which promotes of several new features such as; automatic entry/exit doors with sliding footsteps, European-style comfortable seats, fully sealed gangways for easy movement, modular bio-toilets, rotating seats in the Executive class, car-style forward reclining feature for better leg-room for fellow passengers, aircraft-like diffused LED lighting etc.

The total manufacturing cost of this new Made in India train is Rs 97 crore. It is considered a successor to the 30-year-old Shatabdi Express and is also termed as ‘Shatabdi-killer’. The train has been flag-off by the Prime MinisterNarendra Modi’ on February 15, 2019.