International Missing Children's Day 2019 was observed on.

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 International Missing Children's Day 2019 was observed on.

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The International Missing Children's Day is observed to honor abducted and missing children as well as celebrate those who were recovered. The day is celebrated on May 25th of every year.

 International Missing Children

The logo of the International Missing Children’s Day commission is ‘forget-me-not flower as its emblem. In the year 2001, May 25th was first formally marked as the International Missing Children’s Day (IMCD). Due to the joint effort on the part of ICMEC formed in the name of ‘Missing Children Europe and the European Commission’.

Very first in 1983, the United States President “Ronald Reagan” promoted May 25th as the “National Missing Children’s Day” following the disappearance of a six-year-old boy, Etan Patz, on his way to school in New York City in the year 1979. The main aim of celebrating the day is to put a spotlight on the issue of child abduction and educate parents in order to promote safeguarding measures to protect their children and also honor those children’s who have never been found and celebrate those who were recovered.

At present, there are 23 member countries whom all are connected in order to share information and best and effective practices, implemented towards improving the effectiveness and success rate of undergoing investigation for missing children. Every year, the countries are taking effort to participate under International Missing Children’s Day to acknowledge the need for a guided response to protect the vulnerable children or missing children’s.

In India, the statics of missing children’s is very horrible the two out of three missing children in India remain untraced and the number has increased by almost 84 percent between 2013 and 2015. According to the reports in India, a child goes missing every eight minutes. However, in some of the cities in India, the condition is even worse. According to an RTI reply provided by the Delhi Police in 2018, about 22 children go missing in the city every day.