Who is the author of the "Politics of Jugaad: The Coalition Handbook"?

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Who is the author of the 'Politics of Jugaad: The Coalition Handbook'?

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“Saba Naqvi” a celebrated journalist is the author of the book ‘Politics of Jugaad: The Coalition Handbook’. The book is about examining the history of the coalition and how it might go in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

Who is the author of the 'Politics of Jugaad: The Coalition Handbook'?

In her book, she put forward a question that how coalitions are inevitable even after they are proved very unstable, however, they hold a promise of great democratization in our diverse nation. The book also analyzes the possibility of coalition formation in different states and their chances of success and failure. In her authoritative manner of writing the book, she also explained the nature of transformation in Indian Political Parties and their role in the present times.
In her book, she even pointed the fact that maximum of  Present and Past Prime Ministers of India have been from Uttar Pradesh which is a part of Northern India, instead of that the maximum development and economic growth has been very evident in states of Western and Southern India. However, the other states witnessed a great improvement and development but Uttar Pradesh still remains the Backward State of India.
She even pointed a question in her writing that, why Modi didn’t contest the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections from Vadodara instead of Varanasi (Kashi). He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for about 12 years, in spite of that he has chosen to contest election from Kashi i.e. Varanasi. Do, we believe leader representing Hindi speaking regions is more representative of India than those from other regions?
These were the few questions which she made in front of everyone with her writing. She made a very valid point about the coalition in India and contesting elections from specific regions only.
Saba Naqvi the writer of the book is the renowned journalist, a well-known author, and a political analyst. She wrote other books as well, which includes ‘In Good Faith’ released in 2012, ‘Capital Conquest’ released in 2015, and ‘Shades of Saffron’ released in 2018.