India is buying Chakra III Attack Submarine from which country?

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Chakra III will be equipped with Indian communication systems and sensors, including the indigenously-developed USHUS integrated sonar system and Panchendriya sonar.

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India sealed the deal of buying Chakra lll Attack Nuclear Powered Submarine with “Russia”. The 3 Billion USD deal between India and Russia has been packed over a Nuclear Submarine on a lease for the Indian Navy for a period of 10 years.

India is buying Chakra III Attack Submarine from which country?

Under the deal and negotiation between the authorities, Russia will deliver the Chakra lll submarine belonging from Akula Class Submarine by the year 2025 to the Indian Navy. After the successful deal delivery, this will be the third submarine in the Indian Navy fleet which has been taken from Russia on the lease.

This will improve the naval security of Indian and give a helping hand to tighten the security of the Indian Ocean and fight with the dominance of China on the Ocean. The Indian Navy is seen as a net security provider in the region over Ocean, which has some of the busiest shipping lanes. India’s maritime security strategy implemented the plan to provide an environment free from traditional and non-traditional threats in the Ocean.

According to the sources, the main purpose behind taking the lease over the Russian nuclear-powered submarines is to train the Indian naval personnel in managing the country’s own fleet of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. It has been expected that the newly leased submarine will be put through an intensive 72-month deep refit and rebuild, where the nuclear reactor will be replaced and a number of indigenous systems installed on board.