Which is the first century in VIIth world cup ( 1999 ) ?

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Which is the first century in VIIth world cup ( 1999 ) ?

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The first century in 7th World Cup i.e. of 1999 was scored by “Sachin Tendulkar”.

Which is the first century in VIIth world cup ( 1999 ) ?
He scored the first century of the tournament against Kenya at Bristol Venue on May 23, 1999. And on the same day and in the same match another century was scored by the Indian side is from Rahul Dravid. Sachin scored 140 runs not out in 101 balls. And this contribution was very well supported by Rahul Dravid. He scored a 2nd century of the tournament following Sachin. Dravid scored 104 runs not out in 109 balls.
His 140 runs not out contribution is a lifetime memory for every Indian. As it was the most emotional World Cup and especially the start for Sachin. Just before the start of the tournament he suffered the loss of his father. His father’s demise was the most emotional situation for him in his lifetime. But he lets himself down neither his father nor the spectators and paid a respectful salute to his father by starting the event with a century. The loss was very big for him as he lost his father and it was a sudden demise of his father. His death was much unexpected, he was ill from the time but in the meanwhile, he recovered. Instead of this, he didn’t skip any match, he went to India and did all the rituals after that he is back to join the team for the very next match.
That match was really difficult for him but he attained his composure and made India put at a fighting place as well. With his playing way, his sorrow can be sensed over a calmed player. His body language was the reflection of his hurt and anguish, anyone can conclude that the way of his batting is just a way to mourn and let out his overwhelming emotions. In this inning, he was supported by a brilliant player Dravid who let him play his way and pay a tribute to his father in his own manner.