Who founded the Ahmedabad Textile labour Association?

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Who founded the Ahmedabad Textile labour Association?

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The Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association was founded by “Anasuya Sarabhai” in the year 1917. She is sole instigator of the Women’s Labour Movement in India.

Who founded the Ahmedabad Textile labour Association?
For the welfare of women’s she founded Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association, which is also known as, “Majoor Mahajan Sangh”. It is India’s oldest Textile Workers Union and is still existed after completing its Century of existence successfully in the year 1917. Anasuya Sarabhai was famously addressed with name ‘Motaben’ by all. The textile labour organization was mentored by Mahatma Gandhi. It was the very first non-violent protest which was held by following the trusteeship principles of Gandhi.
The Association came into existence because at that time people were demanding a 50% hike in salary and bonus just because at that time the Plague was widely spread. Due to the creation of Majoor Mahajan Sangh the non-violent long battle of demand of salary hike was accepted by the mill owners for the protests called ‘EkTek’ (One resolve).
Who founded the Ahmedabad Textile labour Association?
Anasuya Sarabhai was born on November 11, 1885, in Ahmedabad. When she was nine, both her parents died, and she was made to live with her uncle along with her brother and younger sister. She faced a failed child marriage at the age of 13. After a while, she went to England with the help of her brother to take up medical studied. But she didn’t like the concept of killing animals and violating the Jain’s belief, so she switched to the 'London School of Economics'. Later in 1913, she returned back to India.
Then, she started working for the welfare of poor’s and women. And one day she witnessed a group of women who were returning home after working continuously for 36 hours in the mill. This made her felt very bad and at that time she decided to do something for helping these women’s. And under the guidance of Gandhi, she made the Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association. She also mentored, “Ella Bhatt” the founder of the ‘Self-Employed Women’s Association of India’ (SEWA).