Which performs better, Google AdSense, Mediavine or Ezoic?

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Austin Dcruz asked 14-Feb-2022 in troubleshooting by Austin Dcruz
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Which performs better, Google AdSense, Mediavine, or Ezoic?

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Hitesh Vohra answered 08-Apr-2022 by Hitesh Vohra
Which performs better, Google AdSense, Mediavine or Ezoic?
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. It presently serves as a publisher ad management platform.
  • This implies you can supplement your present income by using this Google Adsense-powered tool or any other ad-driven website.
  • It's a Google Certified Publishing Partner as well, and it's identical to Ezoic. To maximise your site's earnings, Mediavine will manage every ad for your ad network account.
  • Many bloggers prefer Google Adsense, but if you're looking for another way to generate money or a better alternative to Adsense, Ezoic is the ideal option for you. Using artificial intelligence, Ezoic can improve your earnings by 50% to 200 percent.

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