Is SEO is necessary for digital marketing?

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KIRTI SHARMA asked 13-Aug-2021 in Q&A categories by KIRTI SHARMA

Difference between SEO and Digital marketing

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Shriyam Srivastava answered 18 days ago by Shriyam Srivastava
Yes! Definitely, SEO is required in Digital marketing. Just as you cannot do a transaction without a bank account, similarly, Digital marketing is not possible without SEO.
SEO is basically a compilation of techniques that are used to increase search rankings. They generate organic traffic and natural search results

If you want to have a brief idea about SEO, you can read What do you know about SEO?

Now, digital marketing is the marketing involved in the digital, i.e. the online zone. The whole internet and even outside of it is involved in digital marketing. The marketer may launch a website for delivering his services. For this, he will require social media sharing, advertisement, and generation of referral traffic on his website. All this is possible through one method called SEO.

Learning the tactics and methods of SEO is as important as dipping your leg in marketing. Without a traffic base, your website would be useless. Similarly, you need to check the ROI regarding your advertisements. For this purpose also SEO techniques are used to analyze how your website is performing in the market.

To stay in the business you not only need to spread your keyword research but also keep a check on your competitor’s keywords. Keywords, tags, and backlinks are important SEO tools that play a significant role in determining your search results.

Once you have a successful website outlook, great UI/UX development, and rich content for your site, you also need to promote it on various platforms. For delivering your product/services, social media handles are the best. Non-paid advertisement could be carried forward by linking your website to your socials.
SEO is also essential for giving the Domain name to your website. Domain names are important for branding. Thus, consistent domain names and keywords should be used in the URL for branding.

These are the ways through which SEO proves as a non-negotiable technique for digital marketing. For more knowledge on SEO, refer to A Beginner’s guide for SEO.