what is Organic farming?

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How organic farming help farmers 

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Organic Farming is the traditional way of farming which avoids the use of synthetically Compounded Fertilizer, Pesticides, Genetically modified seeds, Organisms, and livestock food additives.

what is Organic farming?
Organic Farming basically relies on Crop Rotation, Vermicomposting, Green Leaf Manures, Biofertilizers, Biological Management, Animal Husbandry, and other traditional methods. Organic Farming is not new in India. This traditional method of farming, maintains the good condition of the soil, maintain the production rate of the crop, manages the good quality products, and is environment-friendly as well as causes no soil pollution. Organic Farming doesn’t require genetically modified seeds and livestock to increase production.
The Conventional or Chemical base fertilizers cause health-related problems like Cancer, Soil, Water, and Air Pollution, Degradation of Soil quality, harmful effect on domestic animals, and various other reasons. Organic Farming is helpful in maintaining the health of soil, ecosystem, people, and animal.
Organic Farming is very helpful in maintaining the long term fertility of the soil, as well as, encourages soil biological activity. The quality of produced crop with Organic Farming is quite good and it is high in taste and nutrition values. Basically, Organic Farming is considering the quality of crop not the quantity of crop production. Organic farming is a boon for conserving the natural environment as well as the natural habitats and the Wildlife. Organic Farming maintains the ecological balance and natural cycle without many harmful effects.
Organic Farming is beneficial for the present as the future generation and the environment. The Natural Biological method maintains the fertility of the soil such as microbial activities boosts the nutrition level of crops. Therefore, Multiple Cropping or Rotational Cropping is usually practiced in Organic Farming, which enhances productivity and contributes to a healthy farming system. Usually, Organically produced crops are costly as compared to the Conventionally produced crops.