How can I get 50,000 followers on Facebook?

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nitya singh asked 12-Mar-2018 in social networking by nitya singh
How can I get 50,000 followers on Facebook?

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Anonymous User answered 23-Mar-2018 by Anonymous User

Well, if you are an ordinary person raising up the followers on Facebook is going to be really tough but it is not an impossible figure to achieve. Well, the reason why it is going to be tough because you will be not the only person on such giant platform having desires of having 50k or more followers as there are millions of pages and profile running out there which have established themselves brilliantly on Facebook.

How can I get 50,000 followers on Facebook?

So as there are millions of pages running over the web which are already been followed by a large number of folks you will have to come up with some really amazing post and content which people on this platform find interesting themselves in. Your content could be regarding the latest trends, news, worldwide events, funny stuff or videos etc.

Your page should have a specific genre which should have something different to offer from other pages running all around this social networks. 

These are few things you must keep in mind:

  • Post great content
  • Write a professional bio
  • Use hashtags
  • Place a widget on your blog if you are sharing your blog on it 
  • Engage with others
  • Make sure your content is shareable
  • Reshare other people’s content
  • Reach out to influencers
  • Stay active
  • Follow other users

Anonymous User commented 14-Feb-2019 by Anonymous User
Thank You for the suggestions.
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anant verma answered 18-Apr-2018 by anant verma
this totally depend on you, what kind person you are if you are normal person then it is hard to make even 1k followers also but if you are person providing some useful information about a particular niche or if you are a motivational speaker and people like to listen you, then it is possible to get around that much of followers because on facebook almost all wants to be popular and want more followers many companies are struggling to increase their followers, because this is not  easy to get that much of followers, you have to do  something extra to come in the eyes to public because the question is  why people follow  you?, what you are doing for them? there is only simple method to increase followers that  make yourself to be recognize in the eyes of facebook audience by providing solution to their problems, you can talk on anything like  personal problem related to life, talk about career, talk about profession, like this you can engage facebook audience and increase your followers.   you can take the example of sandeep maheshwari motivational speaker, vivek bindra business consultant they are  doing something extra to engage their audience.