Right to free education within certain limits is?

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Right to free education within certain limits is?

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Right to Education Act feature various provisions to follow are:
1. Every child between the ages of 6 to 14 years has the right to get free and compulsory education, in any Government or Privately-aided School. It is an amendment by the Government of India. It is an 86th Amendment in the Constitution of India in the Article 21A.
Right to free education within certain limits is?
2. The Government Schools have to provide education to all these age group students without any fee. As well as the Private Schools have to admit at least 25% of children in every admission season and without any fee too.
3. Schools are not allowed to hold back any child, expelled or required to pass a board examination until the completion of basic education.
4. If a child didn’t get admitted in any school above 6 years of age or could not complete his or her basic education then he or she will get admitted to the class with respect to his or her age. However, if a child gets admitted as per his or age and didn’t have the basic previous education, then he or she has right to get the training of previous education and get to the level of present class or compete with the respective children’s. So, these types of the child are entitled to free education till the completion of basic education even after 14years.
5. For the basic education, the age proof will be accepted and defined only on the basis of the birth certificate issued in accordance with the Provisions of Birth. As well as, no child should be denied for admission in school due to lack of age proof.
6. After the completion of basic education, the child has to be awarded a certificate.
7. The teacher and student ratio should need to be maintained properly.
8. The quality of education needs to be improved on a regular basis.
9. All the School teachers need the relevant professional degree in a period of 5 years otherwise they will lose their job.
10. If there is the need, then the school infrastructure needs to be improved in every 3 years otherwise the school recognition will be canceled.