Uttarakhand came into existence on ?

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Uttarakhand came into existence on ?

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Uttarakhand came into existence on November 9, 2000, and became the 27th State of India. Uttaranchal has been carved out from Uttar Pradesh in January 2007, and the new state formed has been named as ‘Uttarakhand’.

Uttarakhand came into existence on ?
Uttarakhand shares its border with Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, and the International Border shares with Tibet, China, and Nepal. The Capital of Uttarakhand is ‘Dehradun’. The separate state as Uttarakhand has been achieved by the long struggle and heavy sacrifices. The name Uttarakhand can also be found in the religious Hindu Scripts as the combined region of ‘Manaskhand’ and ‘Kedarkhand’.
Uttarakhand has a great variety of ‘Topography’, which involves glaciers, beautiful snow covered Mountains, Deep Canyons, Mesmerizing Lake view, as well as beautiful green land area. The highest mountains in the world can also be found in Uttarakhand, which includes Nanda Devi, the second highest peak in India. The south of the state is stretched to the Siwalik Range, which involves the area in Himadri, the Himachal, and the Shiwalik Range are known as the Kumaun Himalayas.
The state has a network of numerous rivers of the Ganges System, Yamuna River, and many tributaries of these major rivers. Other tributaries of the rivers are, Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Mandakini, Pindar, and Dhauliganga. Other tributaries from east to flowing towards southward are, Kosi, Sarju, and Goriganga.
The land area of Uttarakhand is covered with four major types of forests. Alpine Forest in the Northern Area of Uttarakhand, Temperate Forest in the Himalayan Region, Tropical Deciduous Forest in the Lesser Himalayan Region, and Thorn Forest in the Siwalik Range. In addition to this, the commonly found trees of the Temperate Forest are Pine, Oak, Silver Fir, Himalayan Cedar, Spruce, Chestnut, Elm, and many more. Whereas of Tropical Deciduous Forest trees are Sal, Teak, and Shesham, and Babul is the most famous tree of Thorn Forest.