Is there any Indian social media website like Facebook?

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samay srivastava asked 09-Mar-2018 in social networking by samay srivastava

Is there any Indian social media website like Facebook?

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Is there any Indian social media website like Facebook?

Revolutionary Indian Pro-Social Networking application SyncYu is somewhat similar to social networking site Facebook that focuses on not spamming users wall. The advertisers have a straightforward advertising platform wherever they have access to post stuff advertise, market and showcase their services and to users and increase their sales/revenue.

Display video is one amongst the attention-grabbing feature in SyncYu we will start of boring show image conception and begin victimization distinctive show Video feature. With shout-out feature users can categorical their feelings by posting a shout-out, shout-out permits you to record a audio and post on shout-out page, all SyncYu users will hear your shout-outs. SyncYu is that the solely social networking application that permits you to speak to the whole. SyncYu users by posting a shout-out or posting a video/ Image in media can draw the eye of the priority or any social cause or wants. 

Though it is far different from Facebook then too once I used it and I got addicted to it. And the best part about this app is that it lets you choose your interests and shows you everything about it all in a nutshell. A user can browse in any language he/she wants. Since there are groups of people of similar interests together, I get the latest content from communities. All it takes really is a click of a button to switch languages within the app.