Which Android is better,Nougat or Oreo?

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Anonymous User asked 03-Jan-2018 in Gadgets by Anonymous User

Which Android is better, Nougat or Oreo?

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Prateek sharma answered 09-Jan-2018 by Prateek sharma

Which Android is better,Nougat or Oreo?

Any software update is better if it is better than it’s predecessor. There are many software which are not better than its predecessor and does not become a success in the market or between users.

The update to android oreo from nogut has bought many minor and major updates which include new features or new changes.
the features like autofill framework, notification dots, the inclusion of new emojis and new audio codec format for Bluetooth. also the introduction to new Bluetooth 5 which was not there in nogut.
if you want to know more about oreo-