can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

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ramesh kumar asked 03-Jan-2018 in Spirituality by ramesh kumar

can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

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akriti kashyap answered 05-Jan-2018 by akriti kashyap

religion exist without god and god exist without religion!

can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

Well, if you are really going to consider my answer then… I believe that people were ever not of God… They were just involved in all the rites and rituals and were just having the essence of  God beside them… 

Well, I need to ask you all, a question…

Do, you really think that you can make, God happy ever by performing all these rights and rituals…?

And, before this, Who is God?

Now, I just want to show you another perspective on these things…

It is definitely good, one of an amazing method to please God… But… If we are actually valuing to all the instruction that is been given to us… As we are very much involved in grasping the knowledge from Vedas, Puranas, Upanishad and other mythological books that have been existing till date…

So far, I have read in Gita,

can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

 “The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone’s heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a machine, made of the material energy.” (Quoted by Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita, 18.61)

As you have read the verse mentioned above that, God resides within us… But still, we find him in the material world…

can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

My point in mentioning this is to interpret the question you have asked… People are so much addicted to these rites and rituals that they have forgotten the value of their inner God who resides within them… Thus, running after them outside without knowing the importance of self-cleaning… and God's presence within them….

Now… The entire religion is what they see outside… without realizing, what and why do they are performing these rituals…

Do you have an answer… regarding why you are doing so…?

Majority of the people would only answer that, “Their elders have guided them to do so…!” But did you ever questioned them why, am I supposed to do so…?

Hence, I feel that people just have made Idols of God to make themselves happy about the fact that they are near to him… rather they are going farther and farther to him… until the time they are not listening to their heart…

And, yes religion can definitely exist without God… This statement, I made that’s because people still are not knowing about, Who the real God is?

As you might have gone with my above article of “Who is God?” And if not, do read it…

Then your perception regarding God and everything else existing in this world would change which might help you to know your inner self and can learn more about what is the real goal of our life…

can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

Now, going back to the same point “religion can definitely exist without God”, as people are not aware of the things, so it is very easy for them to believe on what is been told to them… As they are just like an empty vessel… and thus can be filled with anything poured on them…

But…. You have the option of becoming a vessel with filter… You should always experiment with whatever knowledge is been exchanged with you… Is it genuine or not?… and if it is then shall that information is useful for you or not…

can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

Then you can be, in a better state of knowing the difference and you would have never asked an answer to this question…

Coming on to the second part of your question… Can God exist without religion… Then the answer is… Yes! He definitely exists without religion… as

 “The end of religion is the beginning of spirituality, the end of spirituality is the beginning of reality, and the end of reality is real Bliss. When that too is gone, we have reached the destination.” – By Shri Ramchandra, Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Hope, you might have gained some part of the knowledge of “How much it is important for us to be practical in life and about our understandings….!"

May this help to know what you are looking forward to…

can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?

*and into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul*


Johnd'souza commented 05-Jan-2018 by Johnd'souza
Letting us know...about the details and also... How people have been following dogmas in their religion is something which made me think about... Good to see this who have reached to experiment things with these present rituals... as you are heading up with... good work!
PaulWilson commented 05-Jan-2018 by PaulWilson
OMG! a new version all together! and I too do believe, what page you are on... But! I would like to add on to this... That person has hyped a religion to a level that nowadays they are performing just out of fear... and that is one more cause that, they are hardly interested in knowing why the hell one should perform these dogmas... Well, I hope people start listening to their inner-self or the God who resides within them... All The Best for your post as this was really an eye-opener for all and, I personally want this to spread to many in the row...
Harsh kumarsrivastava commented 05-Jan-2018 by Harsh kumarsrivastava
In comparison to both the description mentioned, I feel this particular interpretation is been making more sense to me. Well this is a deep topic to discuss upon and thus I believe where there is LOVE there is GOD and We also know that where there is GOD, there is LIFE !!!
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Vishal Kesarwani answered 05-Jan-2018 by Vishal Kesarwani
Before answering this question I just want to add a short a disclaimer that I respect each and every religion and this is just my perception of this particular question.
can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?
Can religion exist without God and God exist without religion? It is one of the most hypothetical questions which I have come across while reading. What I think that most of the people who devote their life in rites and ritual are actually afraid and they perform these rituals because they are in fear with a power which is unknown and invisible to them.

Talking about religion we see each and every religion has one thing in common that each of them teaches us to become human, it says to help who are in need, and build trust and spread love in the whole world.  
can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?
But 90 out of 100 times it is found that people apart from doing these things are busy in showing the superiority of their religion and the most disheartening part is that they perform rituals blindly which is not written in any holy books which they admire too.
can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?
Each and every day we see debates on social media, television and so many other places where people say themselves volunteer of a particular religion and tell specialties of their religion.

But the point which always strikes in my mind is why can’t they debate on becoming human I mean what’s the point in fighting over these things when you can live a proper life in a good way helping others who are in need and all you will earn is an ardent amount of blessing from the people you helped.

Belief in God is really a very pure and something very divine but what I see that people are in search of God at wrong places. People offer money, jewels and many more materialistic things in ritual places but they get irritated when someone asks them to offer these things to inferior who are in need.

Just want to share a bit of my conversation with one of my colleague who is among people who blindly follow unnecessary rituals so all I asked him why can’t you offer this sum of money to a trust which will help someone instead of performing a ritual which completely has no sense, and his answered was “APNI APNI AASTHAA HAI” so that’s what the problem is with most of the folks and he didn’t even bother what impact his offering will do to a person who is in need.
can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?
People are confused about who God is actually is and are trapped with the traders of god. God didn’t create this world for people to shower flower and money and other things on him all he imagined was a world full of love and happiness.
can religion exist without god and god exist without religion?
But just like any other article on this issue on the web this answer which is actually not an answer but actually an appeal for people to not act blindly because of a fear which is actually fake will go in vain.

But one thing which is clear and I want to repeat again is that people are in search of God in wrong places.

Harsh kumarsrivastava commented 05-Jan-2018 by Harsh kumarsrivastava
Written very beautifully! things stated by you really need to be explained to so many people who blindly follow these rituals.
ManishKumar commented 05-Jan-2018 by ManishKumar
hope there were more people who were having concepts and thoughts you are having regarding this issue. keep up!