Why should we believe in God ?

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Isabella Maitland asked 21-Nov-2017 in Spirituality by Isabella Maitland

Why should we believe in God ?

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akriti kashyap answered 09-Jan-2018 by akriti kashyap

A good question to be discussed upon!

Why should we believe in God ?

Ahaan! Knowing about this fact that you have been asked about God when you don’t really have to believe on him…

So, going ahead with this certitude that you need a reason not to believe in him is not convincing…

Well, you need to just understand about this fact that you should ever not believe what others conviction is regarding a question like this…

Because, it is totally depended on your call from your heart, whether or not you should believe in him…

 If you really wanna know?

Experiment with your own-self and learn about this particular fact via your own experiences and explore more if you are really convinced of a reality like this…

Coming back to your question “Why should you believe in God?

Before, answering your question lemme ask you something that is… “What’s harm does it cause to you… If you do believe in him?


Why should we believe in God ?

I know it sounds contradicting… but analyze… that what, I would suggest to you and all in this existence…

It is been a ray of hope for many!”

Why should we believe in God ?

I stated this because I have experienced this particular scenario… often in my life…

Observing around the people, who take a round of these pilgrims… visiting several temples, offering Prasad to God… these all rituals are just been performed in a hope… that there is someone who is there and is listening to all their problems…

It might not be solved that issue by just committing all those rituals but… a feeling that you shared your emotions with someone whom you believe upon may give strength to take that problem in a more easy way ahead… thus you “Thank God!” for all those actions… Which is actually been your strong suggestions that you kept on giving within your heart… attracting the positivity towards yourself and hence, making everything possible easily and unknowingly…

That all miracle that just happened is because of “God” sitting within you… “Your Heart!

Why should we believe in God ?

I might be emphasizing over “Listening to your heart”, but you just need to experience yourself… because I follow the same stream and that is… “Not believing in the conviction that others have!

I am a great believer in my own experiences that, I go through…. Which teaches me everything… I do…

So, don’t waste your time on this thought whether or not you should believe in him… Just believe over your experiences and “Listen to your Heart!

That’s where God lies and guide you….

Experiment buddy!

Why should we believe in God ?

Hope, you might fall in love with the God within you!

Love All!

ANKITTEWARI commented 09-Jan-2018 by ANKITTEWARI
'Listen to your heart.' The above sentence is faultless and completely apt in all sense. It thoroughly covers the entire essence of the article written. It is a fact that our heart resorts all The energies within and provide suitable insight to what actions to be taken in a certain condition. We live in a society which is driven by emotions and beliefs and somewhere down the line we have that thought in our mind that there is some entity or energy which is taking care of everything,which has a hold on all the happenings. We name it as God, Almighty or a divine energy. Believing in it or opposing its presence is totally a personal opinion. Listening to our heart is a dynamic reaction which provides an individual a feeling of believing his instincts and perform the duties in the Remembrance of 'The ultimate'. So, according to me the right approach is believing in yourself and listen to your Heart. Good luck and Keep exploring.
akritikashyap commented 09-Jan-2018 by akritikashyap
Thanks! Ankit it was spectacularly explained... Well, you are extremely right as I mentioned and yeah I feel we shall live up to that fact...