What are gateways?

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What are gateways?

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A Gateway is a data communication device which connects two networks by using the different types of Protocols simultaneously. Gateway is a device which provides communication to a remote network or an autonomous system which connects from node to node.

What are gateways?
Gateways work as an entry and exit point in a network. All the data whether it moves inward or outward will have to pass through and communicate with the gateway by using a designed path by the router. Usually, a router is used to configure and work as a gateway device between the computer networks.
If we talk about a company or enterprise, the gateway is a computer which guides the traffic through a route from a workstation to the other network as well which serves the Web Pages. In an enterprise, the Gateways usually work as a Firewall and a Proxy Server. A Gateway can take many forms and performs a variety of tasks. A Web Application Firewall can filter the traffic to Web Server and from the Web Server as well and can take care of Application Layer data too.
Cloud Storage Gateway converts the request of data storage from the number of cloud storage service Application Programming Interface calls. In the available number of ways, the Gateway is one of them in which the data floats over the web to the users. The variety of Gateways involved in telecommunication or in the network are:
1. Network Gateway,
2. IP Gateway,
3. Cloud Storage Gateway,
4. IoT Gateway,
5. Media Gateway,
6. VoIP Trunk Gateway,
7. Email Security Gateway.
Hence, we can also say that a Gateway provides the freedom, information, and convenience to the user so that we can enjoy all the facilities online in a very convenient and hassle-free manner.