Pursuing A Part Time MBA: Can It Be Your Best Strategic Investment Decision

Pursuing A Part Time MBA: Can It Be Your Best Strategic Investment Decision

What is a Part Time MBA?

A part time MBA may be a convenient option for those that are unable to commit themselves to a full-time MBA course thanks to a variety of reasons. The part-time MBA degree may be a full-time program equivalent studied over an extended period, and sometimes flexible. Students can continue employed as classes are held during evenings, or over weekends. Traditionally these programs would require you to be on campus for classes, so would be best suited to candidates who live in relative proximity to the varsity.

Part-time MBA programs are worthwhile for proper students! Part-time and executive MBA programs transcend making a graduate school education accessible to those otherwise unable to afford the financial sacrifices, time commitments, and family lifestyle disruptions required by a full-time counterpart.

Benefits of Part Time MBA

A part time MBA course has numerous benefits/ advantages. Here is the list of a number of the main benefits of part time MBA courses in India:-

Career Growth: Working professionals who are looking to equip themselves with the newest skills and trends within the business management domain can take up a part-time MBA course. The course will help working professionals evaluate whether the career growth they're expecting is following the demand of the industry or not. supported the observation, the working professionals can develop the required skills so that it'll cause better career prospects/ up-gradation of existing positions.

Exposure: Part Time MBA course provides great exposure to participants on new things related to the topic which will multiply the probabilities for people to figure with like-minded people and interact with them. The course helps participants take up new responsibilities with access to raised remuneration. beat all, a part-time MBA course will improve the expertise of an individual as he/ she is going to be exposed to different topics of business management.

Flexibility: Part time MBA courses offer flexibility to the candidates. Working professionals can easily attend their classes according to their will and also continue their job with it. The course being in the part time mode provides ample time to the student to manage job, family and other responsibilities simultaneously.

Tuition Fee Funding by Company: In most cases, the companies also aid their employees financially to go for part time MBA . In such cases, the businesses fund the schooling fees for part-time MBA courses with certain conditions. it'll reduce the financial burden of the applicants.

Faster Promotions and Incentives: Knowledgeable degree in MBA will add weight to a person’s resume. The main motive of working professionals to get a definitive hike in the salary and in the job positions. In most IT companies, after a particular level of promotions, an MBA is nearly necessary for faster growth.

Low Fees and Minimal Competition for Admission: Compared to the full-time MBA course, the fees for a part-time MBA course is a smaller amount. On the opposite hand, the competition for admission to a part-time MBA course is comparatively less compared to a full-time MBA. The admission process is usually straightforward and fewer competitive.

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Other Benefits: The curriculum and structure of the part-time MBA course are almost like a normal MBA course. Therefore, candidates who choose a part-time MBA don't miss the essential components of the course.

Part Time Could Also Be Cheaper If You Haven’t Saved Money Up

Sometimes, your checking account chooses you. Some applicants simply cannot afford to require one or two years of labour to pursue a graduate degree. In those instances, the part-time program is appealing, as you'll still work while getting to school.

Part-time students pay per semester hour with reduced levels of student fees,' says J. Barry Dickinson, Dean of the varsity of Business Administration at Holy Family University, of a typical but not necessarily universal pay structure. This is more of a pay-as-you-go model. This makes the payment of tuition an easy process for the students as you earn and pay the fees.

Full-time students pay full graduate tuition and are required to hold a minimum number of credit hours per term. There's often tuition assistance available for full-time students within the sort of scholarships and teaching/research assistant positions.

In some cases, the employer is willing to at a minimum partially sponsor the employee's part-time education. When that happens, the scholar may need to sign an agreement saying he or she is going to remain with the corporate for a particular time after graduating.

Scope of Part Time MBA

Even though the part-time MBA concept is the latest one, it's emerged because of the preferred management course thanks to numerous reasons. As we are getting towards the job-oriented degrees, the scope of part-time MBA is getting massive. Here are some pointers to elaborate on the above statement:-

Top colleges providing part time MBA are focusing on the placements of the enrolled students. The course is approved by UGC / AICTE and is at par with the regular MBA course.

The placement trends for part-time MBA degrees are high because the course is widely accepted by the company sector.

Working professionals are getting substantial growth after completing the part time MBA and continuing their jobs at the same time.

Entrepreneurs also will have an honest career path with a part-time MBA course, as they attain the required skills for running a business venture.

Placements Opportunities after Part Time MBA

After the completion of the part-time MBA course, high career growth within the existing organization is feasible for the participants. Most recruiters also prefer candidates with part-time MBA degrees because the key eligibility criteria of the course are figure experience. Most institutes offer part-time MBA courses only to those candidates who have a minimum of 3-4 years of labour experience. These candidates won't only have experience but also skills in business management. Working professionals can switch to entrepreneurship after completing a part-time MBA course. The course will help such professionals in achieving the skills necessary for running a venture. In all, the location scope for part-time MBA degree holders is at par with regular MBA graduates. 

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