Two Google Update : RankBrain and Mobile

Two Google Update : RankBrain and Mobile


RankBrain is a part of google humming bird algorithm . This update come in existence on 26 October 2015 . Lack of query-specific relevance; shallow content; poor UX.

This was for the website which has thin or bad quality content ,poor user experience and and fault related to query relevance .
RankBrain is a system based on machine learning which help google to give best result based on relevant query.
Rank brain is consider amongst the Top ranking factor .

Improvement :Prepare content which give some value in the users life . Everyone is giving same information but your presentation of content vary from your competitor, give some reason to your visitor so that they spend sometime to your website as rightly said first impression is the last impression . As we have seen serval update but one thing that is common in all of them is content. Many other thing are just adulterant but your good quality only promote your product and services .

There are many tools like webmaster


This update come in existence on 21 April 2015 .Since we know that today people use mobile for doing almost all the work. Most percentage OF WEBSITE are opening in the website.

The site which which had prepared well itself according to the function are feature of mobile are the who got more visibility and business .

Today google rank your site when it is performing fast and better in mobile .Maximum people open and login site through the mobile .

WHEN IT PERFOM BETTER THEN its ranking automatically improve . perform better then it automatically .Today the site which is ranking high means it is mobile friendly .

So in conclusion I want to mention that there are some basics which remain the same in present as well as in future :

  • Seo demand good and user friendly content which solve some problem ,give knowledge and clear some doubt
  • Optimize your site according mobile .
  • As your put user or visitor in mind then your quality automatically improve .
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Anurag Dwivedi

Anurag Dwivedi

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