Steps to Improve Your Website's Performance

Steps to Improve Your Website's Performance

Google has provided so much information regarding optimizing SEO for a new website, how to increase its traffic and generate more sales. There are several authentic guides across the web where you can ask for some help to improve your business.

What do you need to start?

If you are a rookie in the digital marketing field then you need to get started with a few basic steps which will be included purchasing a domain, hosting, designing, creating content and promotion.

Step 1:

Buying a domain is not rocket science. You can easily find the business-related domain on any domain name provider websites. It is always available at reasonable prices.

Step 2:

Then comes hosting. From the same company, you can ask for hosting. It will be at an affordable price if you shop domain and hosting together.

Step: 3

Now you have a domain and hosting, the next step is to find an affordable and trusted designing company. You can search around the web with good reviews and reasonable prices.

Second Part – Promotion

Your website is ready to go!

Now it will need some high-quality content and backlinks. Hiring someone trusted who understands SEO, can bring you good results.

What should you consider in SEO?

SEO has been changing for the last few years. It is important to know more about SEO. You must keep checking if your SEO agency:

-: If they have optimized meta tags with the right length of description and titles

-: See if they optimized heading tags

-: Image tags

-: Internal links are must to provide for better user experience.

Off-page SEO:

-: Updating content on a monthly basis

-: Running Technical SEO every six months

-: Fixing any broken links

-: Building a high-quality backlink

-: Tracking competitors and finding any other potential keywords to drive more traffic.

-: Generating a high-quality content

You can evaluate their performance through Google search console and Google analytics (free tools from Google). Evaluate if the traffic is coming from the right channels.  

In Google search console you can compare the data if it is getting improved. How many backlinks and what kinds of backlinks are being built by your agency, will be listed in that tool.

Google Analytics helps you to understand and measure your search traffic, queries, and goals.

These small steps can help you to understand if you want to keep tracking your website’s performance and traffic. SEO can improve your website’s performance if it is done by the right approach.

Last updated:10/7/2020 2:21:38 PM
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Zygfryd Krol
Zygfryd Krol

I like your post. Also I think it would be great, if you'd write about CMS? Is it necessary to choose one, or using HTML? I think that'll be useful information for beginners.

Williams Harris
Williams Harris

A proper SEO optimized website surely makes a great difference in a success of an online business.

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