Whatsapp Testing New UI, Always Mute, Media Guidelines Feature In Beta Version

Whatsapp Testing New UI, Always Mute, Media Guidelines Feature In Beta Version

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide. Many times it happens that we want to read a user's message but without opening the chat. There are some tricks through which a user can read the message without knowing who sent the message.

Some new features are coming in the instant messaging app WhatsApp. Their testing has been completed and they have been given in beta build. One of these important features is Always Mute. 

The Always Mute feature can prove to be very important for you. In a report of WABetainfo, WhatsApp Beta version has seen some new features which will be given to Android users first. 

WhatsApp currently has several options to mute chats, including one option to mute for 1 year. The new feature will actually replace this 1-year option. 

With this feature, the new storage user interface can also be seen in WhatsApp of this beta version released for Android. Along with this, the feature named Media Guideline is also included in this update. 

The layout of the storage interface will change and will be shown through graphs which content is taking up so much space. Here users will get information about different file types and the space consumed by them. 

It is important to note that with this beta update media guidelines will also be given. This will work when you edit the image inside WhatsApp. Under this, you will be able to apply stickers and text to an image, GIF or video. 

This feature has been provided by WhatsApp in the latest beta version for Android. That is, if you are a beta tester, you can use this feature right now by updating the app. If not, then you will have to wait till these features come in the final build.

As of September 2015, with 90 million more users on WhatsApp, it is the world's second most popular instant messenger.  WhatsApp Inc is. located in Mountain View, California. 

Facebook Inc. on 19 February 2014, bought Whatsapp for around $ 20 billion dollars and now it comes with the tagline- 'powered by Facebook'.

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