What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Trends In Bangkok

What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Trends In Bangkok

At one time, VSEO (voice search engine), data-driven marketing, and artificial intelligence were ambitious concepts that determined the success of a business. Today, the stated innovative marketing trends act as some of the top priorities for many business owners. After all, an individual must adapt to rapid changes in digital marketing so that his/her business can remain competitive in today’s online marketing landscape. This can act as a reason why digital marketers were seeing as if the marketing world is shifting under their feet. And it was at this time when some heads of digital marketing agency in Thailand such as Mike Jittivanich, shared predictions about where this kind of business is heading as discussed below.

The division between online and offline will disappear

There are artificial lines in some Thai agencies that separate online and offline businesses. Such sequences are predicted to blur continuously and disappear with time. Generally, digital marketing is not a mere component to the life of consumers; instead, it has become ubiquitous to them. For instance, 68% of the population in Thai is primarily driven by the growth of smartphones. So, the structure and campaigns of organizations would be needed to catch up with the daily habit of the people.

Brands would rethink mobile web strategies

Many Thai brands have stepped up by taking strategies of a given app as a form of forming a connection to target customers. Although this was witnessed to serve them well, the research shows that there are signs of fatigue. This is brought about by the fact that an average owner of the smartphone in Thai uses 24% of a given application daily. Also, the same users have been witnessed to install an average of four apps per month and uninstall three. It is therefore clear that it is tough for branded apps to claim a permanent spot to such consumers. When this is combined with costs incurred in developing an app means that mobile web would be a top priority for marketers.

Machine learning will lead the way on automated individualization

Arguably, it would be hard to move anywhere without hearing about learning of machine, casual conversation, come up with rooms for the conference, and think pieces of industry. This is not likely going to change anything soon as far as a digital marketing agency in Thailand is concerned. But once the technology becomes more accessible and mature, individuals will start seeing wider applications and machine learning.

Digital marketing will open doors for Omni-channel commerce

Credit card penetration in Thailand is just 5.7% which means that most users still rely on traditional money transfer that is accompanied by many risks. Soon, there will be accessible of cashless payment that would pave the way to a genuinely omni-channel commerce society. If you want to know more about digital marketing in thailand than kindly visit https://propellermedia.co/bangkok-seo/.

Brands will get better at measuring what matters

Since it is now possible to measure details of marketing strategy, the time of tying them all together has reached. By doing so, a new focus would be seen that mainly focuses on impact measurement.

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