Creating Avatar and an Augmented Reality shopping experience features for your customers on your mob

Creating Avatar and an Augmented Reality shopping experience features for your customers on your mob

Mobile apps are a trend and so do the augmented reality applications. Combining the two paves way for something that is exceptional and authentic. Earlier SciFi movies were good for discussion and not implementation. Anybody who considered the real-life Implementation of such events was suggested to have realistic expectations, right? Who knew that fiction would soon turn reality and transform the world around us?

Wondering what we are talking about?

We are detailing you on the concept of augmented reality and how has the technology altered our everyday experience, shopping to be specific.

AR in Shopping Application
No doubt augmented reality has laid its impact across all sectors yet the one to stand out is the retail industry. Pretty much because people have been accustomed to the traditional form of shopping for years. Even after the proliferation of e-commerce stores, the acceptance rate has been slow.Given such a situation, the intersection of AR technology with Retail applications had transformed the shopping experience.But how? 

Real-time experience
AR-based Ecommerce mobile apps excel in providing a digitally immersive experience. For instance, consider yourself to be a shopper. Either at home or on the way to the office, you might surf an e-commerce mobile app to find a shoe to buy. Earlier, the app would have images or at best, a video that would display the features of the product. Now all you could do was visualize the shoe and see if it would look good. Irrational, right? With an AR app, you can virtually try the shoes and then decide in real-time. No more intuition or guesswork, be where you are, and still have a store-like buying experience. Remember, the 'try before you buy' policy? Yes, that fits right here.

Visual Retreat
Images definitely give an idea about how a product is, but when you have a 360° view of the product, you get a better grasp of the same. The present-day shopping apps embed VR demonstrations to enhance and optimize how a product is presented to the customer for the purchase. Consider viewing a product as opposed to having a virtual demonstration of the same, highlighting the features and benefits in real-time. Who do you think would have a higher influence on the minds of the buyer? Definitely, the second one. That's the beauty of augmented reality shopping apps.

Sell your product story 
A fascinating thing about VR applications is that they tell a story. If you set out to buy a product, you will find thousands of the same kind. Differentiating between them is tough and pretty hard. Even though the store owners do their best to lure customers, there isn't a consensus on what works best. But this is a thing of the past.With the onset of augmented and virtual reality, eCommerce store owners can now draft a visual story to share and sell. It isn't anything but the story of the product and how it is different from others in the industry. When you share your story, customers connect more, increasing the conversion rates. Not to mention, it enhances the customer's shopping experience, as well. 

Selling is not a job but an art. The more you attach yourself to the product, the better results show up. And this is where AR/VR comes into the picture. Bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world, they improve end to end buying experience.

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