5 Instagram Trends That Will Change The Industry In 2020

5 Instagram Trends That Will Change The Industry In 2020

5 Instagram Trends That Will Change The Industry In 2020

What features on Instagram await your urgent attention and what are the trends that are popular on Instagram in 2020? The reason we ask these questions is to find out if you are aware of the latest Instagram trends. Because if you don't have any information about emerging or gaining trends and don't follow what's going on in Instagram, how can you change your marketing strategies throughout the year?

Approximately 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand's Instagram account. Well, what kind of studies are you doing to make use of these statistics? We realize that we do not understand that trends such as face filters and GIF stickers are not enough to change the marketing strategies previously determined by your company. However, it is one of the smartest actions you can do to keep abreast of innovations and new developments in Instagram.

Let's take a closer look at 5 Instagram trends that will change the industry in 2020:

1. Facilitating mobile sales and integrating into Instagram Stories

As in previous years on Facebook, now Instagram; has become a more popular social media platform among salespeople, brands and companies. While the statistics seen on the advertisements on this platform show an incredible increase, Instagram features designed specifically for the business world really manage to change the sector.

One of the most influential Instagram trends of 2020 appears as “buying on mobile”. Instagram Shopping has been added to the platform last year. With this organic selling feature, brands can add the purchase link for that product to their product photos. Thus, a user who likes that product gets the chance to make the purchase easily and quickly by clicking the link in the photo. Do you want to buy a product that looks exactly like that photo? Then click on the shopping cart in the lower left corner and choose from the products.

So what does the Instagram Shopping feature have to do with Instagram Stories?

The Instagram Stories platform itself already has over 300 million users. With this number of users, Instagram Stories have already exceeded the total amount of users of Snap chat, the inspiration for its emergence. With the increasing interaction rates in Instagram Stories, brands immediately switched to this platform to sell. As a result, one of the biggest trends that need attention is to add easier selling features to Instagram Stories

For now, the chance to share links on Instagram Stories views is only given to approve accounts. However, experts predict that this feature will be available to all Instagram users in the near future. So what exactly does the function of adding links to your story mean for your brand?

It's so fast to switch from one story to another in Instagram Stories. Between these many stories, users may even lose themselves. So what you need to do is to discover methods that will bring a person who comes to your story to the page on your site to make it easy and fast to reach the product they want to buy if they like. Facilitating mobile shopping for customers is no simple task. So you should start thinking about what kind of Instagram Stories will contribute to this goal by considering 2020 and beyond.

The best address to get started is by using Simply Measured, the Sprout Social company. Thanks to Simply Measured, related to Instagram Stories; you have access to very important statistical information such as how many people you reach, the impression you make on viewers, clicks and exits to see your previous or next story. With Simply Measured, you can review how successful your stories are based on your marketing plan and analyze your overall success.

2. Digital rights and changes to the program

Social media is built on sharing, but sharing other users' content on Instagram directly in your own stream is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the action of sharing a program, someone else's content on your own profile, has existed for a long time, with different methods.

World brands such as Weber Grills, Vans and World Market share the contents of their customers or influencers they work with quite often in their own accounts. The trend of sharing the content prepared by other accounts in their own account has spread so much that the content prepared by influencers trying to make money from this business started to be shared without their permission

The problem lies right here because influencers make money from the content they create. However, since the contents of the influencers are shared by the brand that comes in front of them without permission, influencers cannot get the money they deserve. So what kind of innovation can we expect in 2020? First of all, we can face an Instagram function developed specifically for reprogramming.

This function makes it much easier to share content created by users in the broadcast streams of other accounts. However, a reprogram function that has the potential to exist in the future still does not bring any solution to the content being played. In line with constant complaints from influencers, Instagram can also add a feature to a possible reprogram function, such as the obligation to obtain permission from the person to be shared with.

80 percent of influencers show Instagram as the best platform to collaborate with brands. Unfortunately, the stolen content problem experienced on the platform where there are so many influencers affects a large number of people. The Instagram application is becoming more and more accessible for influencers, brands and companies day by day. However, we can witness further progress in protecting digital rights and getting permission to share user-generated content.

3. Instagram ads continue to be quite effective

It's no surprise that Instagram ads are included in the trends list. Mobile ads will continue to be seen frequently, thanks to 2 million advertisers already on Instagram. In fact, as a result of a new update to the Facebook algorithm, while more personalized ads are now displayed, we can see the same organic changes in the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram continues to maintain its "recommended" feature, which only enhances organic discovery. For example, most Instagram users have seen and still continue to see many accounts recommended for follow-up in their post streams. But what does this have to do with affordable commercials?

Marketers are aware of organic limits, and that is exactly why they prefer to use Instagram ads. There are a total of 2 million advertisers in 2020 who will do their best to focus all eyes and attention on their own Instagram content. If we say that this figure will increase significantly throughout the year, we will not be wrong.

While the number of users of the Instagram platform is approaching 1 billion, it is quite natural to expect an increase in the number of users who will give more importance to Instagram ads. Already Instagram has already added Carousel ads, which is the newest advertisement feature, to the platform this year. Users, who have purchased ads on Instagram, just like on Facebook, get the right to share extra photos per content. Thus, only one ad sharing has more factors to discover for the customer, and thus many brands increase customer acquisition rates.

If there is anything you need to prepare yourself for this year, it is Instagram ads. Instagram ads for digital marketers and advertisers are at the top of the list.

4. Instagram automation comes true

Automation is gaining popularity on Twitter and Facebook platforms, but what about Instagram? Then you're lucky because Instagram has recently announced that it will start sharing its API with partners like third-party apps and Sprout Social. Users now have the opportunity to schedule, schedule, and schedule and share their content using the Sprout Social app's Instagram tools.

Thanks to its automation functions, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook become easier to control by small teams. When we consider the Chat box features that come to Facebook and Twitter, we think that we will not be mistaken if we say that the automation order is now on Instagram.

Although there is no rule that every automation will be good; Operations such as giving automatic answers to frequently asked questions, labeling certain messages and programming posts are among the indispensable features in today's rapidly developing social environment. With more and more brands coming to Instagram day by day, new marketing tools need to be added to this platform to make Instagram application easier.

This means that in the near future we can predict that many updates on automation will be brought to Instagram. Even a new update or brand new communication methods can be added to Instagram Direct (DM). Instagram Direct is a communication tool that allows users to chat and share with each other on Instagram. When we think that Facebook has already moved the chat features to a separate Facebook Messenger app, can Instagram Direct be next?

These automation functions will continue to be important in the future and we can easily predict that Instagram will add automation tools specific to brands to the platform in time.

5. Expected significance and diversity in augmented reality features

What is common to dog ears, sunglasses and sleep masks? The common feature of all this is that they have created the most popular Instagram face filters on the market. While such augmented reality features take selfie shots a step further, how will the same features affect brands? Of course, with face filters with brand logos.

We've already seen face filters with upcoming movies on Snap chat and ads from brands like Skittles, Gatorade and Taco Bell. So are there any factors that prevent the same thing from happening on Instagram? Of course not. We can start to see face filters with branded logos of this kind of advertisement on Instagram very soon.

This feature may not be available for all brands until 2019, but we can start to see more ads with purchasable face filters on Instagram. Since these types of ads will require a lot of investment, we may encounter more budget-friendly options in their interactions with face filters.

You need to constantly interact with your audience through fun and engaging content to ensure that customers continue to shop from you. According to the results of a survey conducted by Sprout Social in the first quarter of 2017, 60 percent of the Y generation, the millennium generation, prefers to shop.

So interact with your customers and reflect your human side on your content. If you act cold and make an impression as an insincere brand that does not interact, you can lose people's attention very quickly. That's why working with influencers or using face filters on your own employees are highly effective ways to interact with your audience and customers.

Start using the trends that are popular

Whichever trend you use, you need to keep yourself up to date on what your viewers are doing on social media and the trends they use. Marketers are constantly looking for the most effective ways to reach

their customers using these Instagram trends. By following the trends or by pioneering yourself on a train, you can get out of your competitors and take a step forward in the race.

So what are your favorite Instagram trends? You can share with us and our readers on Social Captain Instagram account.

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