Experience Letter Elements & Format

Experience Letter Elements & Format

An experience letter is an official document issued by an employer to an employee when they are leaving the organization. It certifies that the employee has worked at their organization and gained relevant experience.

It is an essential part of employment and is the right of every employee. As a result, it is mandatory for employers to issue an experience letter at the time of an employee's termination.

An experience letter is important for both the employer as well as the employee. For an employee, it is a way to show their skills and expertise.

Whereas for an employer, going through a candidate's experience letter helps them in finding a new employee.

Uses of experience letter

  • Whenever an individual joins a new company, they have to show their experience letter as proof of working in the said organization.
  • It shows all the skills and experience that an employee has gained over the course of their employment.
  • Experience letter acts as a supporting document to everything an employee has mentioned in their resume.
  • It also talks about the employee's designation and the role they played at the company.
  • It can also help in deciding the employee's new salary

Contents of experience letter

Every organization might have a different experience letter format, but the contents inside remain the same. There are a few key elements that should be covered in every experience letter, regardless of the format or subject matter.

Here is a list of all the key elements of an experience letter:

  • Name of the organization: The name of the organization issuing the letter should be at the top. This means that experience letters are issues under the letterhead of the company.
  • Date of issue: It is important to mention the date on the experience letter to show that it was under the employee's tenure at the company.
  • Name of the employee: The letter contains the name of the employee for whom the letter is issued.
  • Tenure of service: Another element of experience letter is the duration of the employee's tenure. It is present to highlight the time the employee spent at the organization.
  • Designation: The letter must signify what designation the employee holds at the company.
  • Role and responsibilities: The duties, as well as the responsibilities that the employee had, should be written in detail.
  • Last drawn salary: It also contains the most recently drawn salary of the employee because it will help in deciding his new salary.

Format of Experience Letter 

Name of Organisation/Letterhead

Date -

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr./Ms. [Employee Name] was associated with our organization from [Starting Date] to [Last date] on service as [Designation/ Job role] for a period of [xx years and xx months].

His/Here major responsibilities included:

His/Her exposure to these areas is very good. During his/her tenure with us, he/she handled his/her responsibilities remarkably and is a very productive and hardworking person.

[Employee name] is a very motivated, duty-driven, and profoundly dedicated team player with a strong conceptual understanding. He/she has excellent character and conducts himself/herself professionally.

We wish him/her every success in all his future endeavors.

Name of employer,



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Experience Letter Elements & Format

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