10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Improve  Customer Engagement

10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Improve Customer Engagement

Marketing is vital to any business. What you are selling or whichever services you are offering, you need a powerful marketing strategy to stand out. Marketing is crucial to create brand awareness and to acquire business exposure. Now traditional marketing techniques have been replaced by more advanced digital marketing practices; however, some conventional marketing tactics are still highly productive.

Now marketers are finding ways to reach the maximum of their potential customers. Due to the surge of numerous social media channels, it has now become possible to spread your brand message to the maximum target audience.

Digital marketing is bound to a variety of tools. It depends on which strategy you are trying to adopt. These tools are not only time saving but offer highly effective results as well. We have compiled a list of most valuable digital marketing tools that could boost productivity and sales of your business.

Facebook Power editor

As this highly used social platform has billions of users, it has become the main focus of advertisers from all over the world. One of the main reasons for using this channel is the instant response when the ad gets viewed by the potential audience, and the advertiser comes up with an alluring idea backed up by distinct creativity. Also, the services or products that are being promoted should be top-notch. The advertisement fees are reasonable, and there is no third-party fees attached while you are promoting your brand on this particular platform. Facebook has introduced The Power Editor tool to create and launch influential marketing campaigns. The tool allows targeting only those users who could be potential customers for a particular brand. You can also launch marketing campaigns based on your current budget.

Affiliate Program

One of the primary aims of a business is to engage maximum individuals with the brand. In this regard, the businesses tend to launch multiple promotional campaigns and offer rewards to the customers that have attached to the business for a long. Magento 2 Refer a Friend extension is one of the key initiate strategies that make it easy for businesses to engage potential customers without investing much effort and money. Refer a friend extension is designed to integrate a referral system into your web domain. So customers can engage their friends and family members with the particular domain, and in the end, they will be rewarded with the commission money. It is a powerful Magento based extension, which would assist in power rocketing your marketing efforts.

10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Improve  Customer Engagement


The email marketing techniques have always proved to be really effective in creating a strong customer base. It is a traditional way of marketing that helps in building relationships with customers. The MailChimp tool is considered as one of the significant sources to reach the potential audience through emails. The price you have to pay for using the tool is based on the number of audiences you are willing to target. If you are new to email marketing, then this tool comes with the free version as well, so you can now learn the basics of email marketing if you are new to approach audience through emails. Send customized emails to potential customers and re-approach your existing customers and inform them what’s new in the inventory.

10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Improve  Customer Engagement

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The perfect user experience is vital for any website to engage users in a particular online domain. This tool is highly effective for website managers as it allows thoroughly testing the specific website and identifies the errors.

To create any change in the outlook of a website or to modify specific features, the developers have to experiment with the code, whereas this tool allows working on the changes without playing with the code. This tool also assists you in analyzing the impact of any change in your website.


The brands tend to make use of various tactics and utilize multiple channels to spread their brand message. The WYNG is designed to promote brands on a whole different level. The digital hashtags are quite common in making a specific statement or particular term viral. This tool focuses on promoting digital hashtags related to a particular brand. The tool comes with built-in analytics to track the performance of current marketing campaigns.


The nature of the content is what matters in brand-specific marketing and promotional campaigns. Now there are various tools that assist in creating top-notch content for marketing posts, and Promorepublic is one of them. It creates top-notch content for social media posts and helps brands engaging a massive community of target audiences. The tool features a variety of amazing templates and plenty of high-quality images to initiate powerful campaigns for maximum brand exposure.

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Many of you have seen a Chatbot trying to communicate with the users visiting a specific website; it is no other than Olark that is powering most of the websites out there with the automated chat feature. Now you don’t have to worry about how your users feel about the experience they had visiting your website or how effective users have found your services. The tool is right there for you to communicate with the users and ask for their experience, suggestions, and recommendations. Marketers know that it is essential to reach the target audience in order to boost conversions, and Olark Live chat tool has made it easy for them to keep in touch with the customers or clients.


It is substantial to optimize your online presence if you want to make progress in your business. Many visitors abandon after a few seconds of landing on the website without exploring further. This is devastating for eCommerce websites because the whole business model evolves on online purchasing. One of the main reasons behind this is the non-structured web pages that reflect the bad impression of the particular brand. WishPond is designed to optimize landing pages without putting many efforts. The tool helps to find out whether the content of the webpages is relevant and engaging or not. Whether the call to action buttons are integrated into the right places or not? The content in those webpages should not incorporate too many marketing pitches, and the offers, promotions, and discounts should be manifested in the shape of webinars. The WishPond suggests you bring positive changes to the website to make it look more attractive and analyze landing pages to examine the sales pitches and other content.


The Canva is a revolutionary tool that assists marketers in generating compelling content. The tool is well equipped with numerous visuals so brands can incorporate those in digital marketing campaigns. The marketing channels are not worthy without exciting visuals. Canva offers to experiment with multiple types of visual content to attract most of the potential audience. There are massive theme-based built-in templates available to use, and you are not required to be professional in designing in order to create top-notch content backed up by marvelous visuals.


These days it is quite daunting to find out the nature of content that could drive more potential customers to the business domain. The Buzzsumo is developed to discover which content is top trending and is most appreciated by the audience. You can also find out who has shared the content on social media channels. Buzzsumo features a powerful analyzer tool that helps to explore what’s most asked by the audience on numerous forums and social media channels. This content discovering tool assists in identifying what your audience wants to know about certain products or services related to your industry so you can instantly respond to them with a valid answer. The more you will interact with your target audience, the more they will gravitate towards your business domain.

Final Words

When you are on a journey to engage maximum potential customers to your brand, it is ideal to utilize traditional channels first then go for modern digital platforms. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your target audience before approaching them. Now the companies are trying to have leverage on others by formulating a powerful digital marketing strategy. The more personalized approach you would use, the more audience would attach to your business domain.

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