Fan favourite slot games to try

Fan favourite slot games to try

Game developers are always on a mission to create exciting games that players love to play, time and time again. While they succeed in releasing innovative new games with unique narratives, themes and designs with fantastic graphics, there will always be those fan favourite slot games that just can’t be beaten! Many of the games that are fan favourite games are based on well-known fairy tales, myths and legends that remind them of their childhood and they really captivate the imagination of players. Here is a rundown of some fairy-tale fan favourites that players just can’t get enough of - click for slot games online!

Goldilocks and the Three Wild Bears

Based on the timeless classic fairy table, this slot game has a cheeky little Goldilocks with golden ringlets and a grizzly bear who looks a tad on the grumpy side! As Goldilocks gets stuck into her porridge, you can get stuck in on the reels and bag yourself the perfect prize. The game is stunningly animated, so if you appreciate exceptional graphics, you’ll love this slot game. As well as looking fantastic, the features are excellent and include multiple ways to win including multiplier wilds, free spins and expanding multipliers.

If you loved fairy-tale-inspired slot games, this game will be “just right” for you, so give it a go and see for yourself!

Big Bad Wolf

This enchanting slot game is based on the much-loved fairy-tale of the three little pigs, which are brought to life in this exciting slot game which features incredible features and graphics that will huff and puff and blow you away. The three little pigs themselves are a great deal of character and have their own personalities which are brought to life in the game. The features in the game include free spins, swooping reels and plenty of Wild symbols, with the reels of the game sitting in front of the three little pigs straw house and you’ll also find the Big Bad Wold parading the reels. This enticing slot game will certainly help you bring home the bacon with the abundance of free spins on offer!

Treasure Island

This slot game will have you exclaiming “shiver me timbers!” in disbelief as it is full to the brim with exhilarating features. The features of this game include Pirate Attack mode which is triggered when you line up two or more of the Wild symbols as well as an exciting Treasure Hunt Feature which has proved to be highly lucrative for players! It’s obvious why Treasure Island slot is a fan favourite, as it has so much going for it, with brilliant graphics and features in abundance to keep you entertained, make sure you try the slot game inspired by Robert Louis Stephenson’s literary classic fairy-tale which has been captivating imaginations for generations.


Set sail and prepare for success with the help of Sinbad in this mystical slot game based on the legend of Sinbad the Sailor. This slot game truly transports you to an exotic faraway land frozen in time and the graphics create a stunning setting for the game to take place. As well as looking fantastic, Sinbad offers incredible features including free spins, a Snake Bonus feature and Ape bonus which are triggered by the Wild symbols in the game.

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