Large format porcelain tiles most preferred by Tiling contractor London

Large format porcelain tiles most preferred by Tiling contractor London

Porcelain has proved to be a tested and tried building material used for walls and floors and for good reason. First of the material is beautiful to look at and is immensely stain resistant. It is also within affordable price range and a tiling contractor London will always recommend the material for your floors and walls. The tiling in large scale could be a great economic package for your building aspirations.

Large format porcelain tiles most preferred by Tiling contractor London

Light weight

The extra think porcelain tile is light weight and a 118” x 59”size tile with 6mm thickness will only weight just 2.81 pounds for a square foot. It looks unbelievable but amazingly this extra thin tile is extremely tough and durable and is averse to bacteria or stains. The tile is also proper for overlay of tiles over existing surface because of its extra thinness. You can easily install the tiles over other material and making it an easy and quick installation.

Needs fewer tiles

The installation will require less number of tiles because of their size and thinness. A full piece with uniform surface and pattern will present a beautiful piece of surface. it will easily cover large area of space with fewer tiles and in relatively short period of time. the bigger size also ensures that only few grout lines are visible. This especially help the design to be uniform and intact and without disturbing the flow of pattern. Smaller tiles may have a tough time matching with each other uniformly.

Easy to maintain and clean

The large format porcelain tiles with their smooth and unblemished large surface make it easy for cleaning. if it is the small size tiles then you will have manifold of grout lines which will store more foreign bodies, germs, dirt and bacteria. This would make the cleaning job tougher but it is not the case with porcelain large format tiles.

Versatile installation

There is such thing as a fixed surface for large format porcelain tiles as they will look good on any surface. It will look excellent on a showroom floor or a spa floor.It will look equally good as a counter top in kitchen or a smooth wall in the bathroom. It is an ideal floor and wall material for both domestic and commercial applications. For wall tiling it has proved an extremely suitable alternative.

Large format porcelain tiles most preferred by Tiling contractor London

Huge range of colors and patterns

Porcelain large format tiles can mimic any surface including marble, wood, travertine, and many more. you can obtain large number of designs and colors that will not find in other surface covering materials.

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