Mobile Slot Players on the Increase: The End of Traditional Gaming Approaching

Mobile Slot Players on the Increase: The End of Traditional Gaming Approaching

Have you ever played slots before? They’re all the rage these days and are expected to become even more popular over the next few years. In fact, with so many people now playing slots on mobile devices, gaming arenas closing, and internet giants now entering the industry, many people believe the end of traditional gaming is approaching - visit to play online slots.

The Rise of Mobile Slots

Mobile slot revenues continue to rise. In fact, according to the latest figures from the UK Gambling Commission, they amounted to £2 billion in the last calendar year in the UK alone. Furthermore, the use of mobile phones for gambling increased by 44%. But why are so many of us now playing remote slots? Well, playing slots on tablets and smartphones wherever and whenever we wish is a lot more convenient than having to head to a pub, casino or bookmaker to play them. Plus, there are a lot more flexible payment options on mobile devices. I mean, you don’t have to head to a bank or coin dispenser every few minutes to exchange notes for coins. All you have to do is transfer funds into your account via your bank, credit card, e-wallet or cryptocurrency. What’s more, a lot more games are accessible at the touch of a few buttons on our devices as online casinos don’t have the same space restrictions as their offline counterparts.

Traditional Gaming Areas Are Closing

Traditional gaming arenas are struggling to compete with casinos in cyberspace. This year, lots of arcades and betting shops closed down in the UK – courtesy of the rise of mobile gaming. And the government’s new law restricting betting on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT) has only served to encourage more slots fans to play their games in cyberspace. What’s more, with experts predicting that up to a third of all UK betting shops could close because of the new FOBT law, many more slots players are expected to make the move online.

Google Stadia

Even though traditional gaming is facing threats from a number of angles, internet giant Google looks set to be one of its most serious challengers. You see, Google recently announced it was launching a new gaming service – Stadia – to take on the game consoles at their own game (intended pun). The company has already set up data centres in more than 200 countries for this. But how exactly is Stadia going to work? Basically, all users will have to do is log into it via Google Chrome and then connect a controller and start playing. Thus, they won’t need to buy expensive boxes to play games any more. And slot games are predicted to become some of the most popular games on this new service.

Final Thoughts

With more gamers playing mobile slots, traditional gaming arenas closing, and huge companies like Google now entering the field, the end of traditional gaming may well be approaching. So get ready for change!

Last updated:8/2/2020 5:17:36 AM
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