7 Ecommerce Trends That Add Values to Magento 2 Sites In 2020

7 Ecommerce Trends That Add Values to Magento 2 Sites In 2020

Online businesses are growing like anything. One a day to day basis, the number of eCommerce firms that are entering the world of online business is growing immensely. Also, the ones that are already playing in the digital business field have been trying hard to improve their game as the competition is high. Most of the eCommerce firms these days are adding more value to their eCommerce shops as that is what the core of their business is. For an online business, there can’t be anything more important than the online shop. Thus, the eCommerce business owners have been trying to identify ways to enhance the look and appeal of your online shop.

By the year 2022, the eCommerce revenue is expected to touch the $6.54 trillion mark. And, one of the eCommerce platforms of the world is Magento. Magento has been stepping up the ladder of success for a very long time. The eCommerce platform is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of the changing needs of the businesses. And, in 2020, there are a lot of trends, techniques, and upgrades which Magento agencies like RVS Media are helping the businesses to grow more. In this article, we will talk about the top 2020 eCommerce Magento 2 shop trends to look out for.

How Can We Not Start With Artificial Intelligence?  

Artificial Intelligence has been a talk of the eCommerce town since a very long time. The technology has the power to completely revamp the overall customer experience which is being offered. The most generic use of AI is in the form of chatbots. The bots are programmed to channelize the growth of digital businesses. The eCommerce shops tend to offer a much faster and a better customer experience if they use bots. Also, the rate of the customer responses and the quality and efficiency of the customer interactions is increased with the help of chatbots.

And, when it comes to rampant use of AI, it has been helping online businesses in more than one way. With the help of artificial intelligence, businesses can identify their target audience, and they can curate personalized plans and campaigns for their specific target audience. A personalized shopping experience surely impacts the sales of the company. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that AI and chatbots are completely transforming the world of eCommerce.

Voice Searches Will Be More Popular

The world is becoming a fan of voice searches. Especially, with the increasing use of Alexa or Siri, the demand for voice searches is increasing massively. As voice searches are more convenient and quick. Thus, people have started preferring the voice searches over the text searches. Though this doesn’t mean that text searches are no longer in demand, they are. But, soon, people will like voice searches more than text searches. Therefore, the Magento shop owners need to understand their target audience and integrate voice search extensions into the platform. You may want to start by adding the voice searches in certain sections of the site like the FAQs section etc.

However, voice searches should be SEO optimized as well. Whatever you want to add in the voice searches, make sure that you optimize it as per the SEO keywords or the SEOP requirements. As the voice searches should also help you to gain higher rankings.

The Buzz of the Progressive Web Applications

PWA or the Progressive Web Applications will be a top trend of 2020. Well, it is expected that probably around 50% of general-purpose applications may be replaced by PWAs. Progressive Web Applications, as the name suggests, are the evolved version of the web apps. The responsive mobile applications will be the highest in demand, and PWA is surely the future of web applications. With the invention of PWAs, you may not require a separate mobile app as well. PWAs have been enhancing the overall mobile browsing experience. It is just that you have to make sure that the PWAs are engaging and useful. Many companies like Starbucks have already started using the PWAs.

Actionable and Engaging Content

One of the key trends that have been revamping the eCommerce business is the content that is being used. The content has to be engaging as well as actionable. Also, there are a lot of business owners that have been using graphics and visuals for the improved experience. Also, the business owners have been adding personalized experience to the users as well. Therefore, the content has to be designed in that manner as well. The content will be formulated based on the interests and the needs of the visitors. At the same time, the content has to be SEO friendly. But, most importantly, the business owners should add relevant call to actions and powerful messages in the content to derive sales.

Earlier, we used to be dependent on the offline stores only, like the departmental stores or the grocery stores in our markets. However, now, we are more reliant on online stores than offline stores. Therefore, we see a lot of businesses have been entering the world of the online store business. And, at the same time, the competition of digital businesses is touching skies. And, the only way to beat the competition is to build an out of the world site. This is exactly where the role of Magento comes into the picture. Latest Magento trends and features empower the business owners to build a strong and highly efficient online store. Therefore, the businesses keep looking forward to the latest Magento trends or the best Magento eCommerce Development Company to add more value to the online store.

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