Mobile App for E-commerce: Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile App for E-commerce: Advantages and Disadvantages

We don’t have to tell you just how popular e-commerce is at the moment. Today it would be hard to find a person with a smartphone who hasn’t used e-commerce. Don’t believe it? Well, perhaps this report’s findings will help you see: The report found that in the UK, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones constitute more than 50 percent of all online sales. Now, many factors can be ascribed to the growing popularity of mobile devices in the context of e-commerce. For starters, there’s the fact that both such devices, as well as e-commerce platforms, now offer extraordinary levels of security.

Reasons notwithstanding, the point is that given mobile devices are quickly climbing the list of most preferred access points for online shopping, e-commerce companies are now beginning to wonder if there is some merit to developing a mobile app for their business. The simple answer is yes, but allow us to elaborate. See, as customers become more and more mobile, businesses must rise to the challenge, giving their customers the even more convenient experience they seek. However, it is also true that mobile apps may not be the best idea for every business operating in this realm. So, here’s some help to assist you in the endeavor to make an informed decision.

    1. Advantages

a. Research shows that customers spend 85 percent of their time using their mobile phones, typically via some apps. A mobile app will deliver a significant boost to your business’ reach as well as accessibility.

b. The act of downloading the app its reflective of the customer’s interest and loyalty to the company. A mobile app, which finds a home in the customers’ most-used device, i.e. their mobile phone, then serves to intensify that loyalty further. It also helps companies fortify engagement with customers and grow their business.

c. Given their high dependence and usage of mobile phones, it is understandable that customers want top-notch experiences when they use apps. So, as long as your e-commerce business’ well-appointed mobile app too delivers the high-quality experience they seek, companies can strengthen their image in the market.

    2. Disadvantages

a. There is no denying that mobile apps are terrific for an e-commerce business. But we can’t simply deny that it takes considerable time and effort to maintain them. And let’s not forget that must be developed in a manner to ensure compliance with the requirements of different OS in the market.

b. Before extensive effort for maintenance can become a concern, companies must first invest considerable sums of money to developing the mobile app for their e-commerce business. And the more detail and features you add, the higher the cost of development goes.

To cut a long story short, carefully consider all essential factors before you decide to opt for an eCommerce mobile app. It will go a long way in determining the success rate of your efforts.

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