Things to Know About Merger and Acquisitions

Things to Know About Merger and Acquisitions

Post-merger integration of customer relationship management (CRM) systems can become a challenging and time-consuming endeavor for the simple reason they don't necessarily match a structured and programmatic strategy that can be effectively articulated in a point-by-point integration practice. This point-of-view paper addresses corporate pain factors by detailing the critical factors required for a successful post-merger integration of CRM systems. It assumes the CRM system of the acquiring company is (SFDC), which all CRM functionalities will be merged in SFDC.


• IT due diligence team

• Identification of IT asset and stock - robust asset management

• Merger

• Corporate strategy/M&A group, Legal

• Integration Management Office (IMO) installation

• Identify and achieve Short-term, tactical operational imperatives

• Devise brief - and long-term strategy for Salesforce-related asset management

• Post-merger

• Decommissioning of redundant assets

• Enact new Arrangements with Salesforce

Data migration

Information from the acquired company's CRM system needs to be migrated to the Salesforce instance of the merged company entity. Doing so guarantees that the acquired company's business processes are carried over and executed successfully to accomplish the synergy envisioned by the M&A. To deal with the selection and complexity of the data migrated, it is vital to prepare a high-level process to regulate the necessary micro-steps during the data migration.

Change management

In a supply chain management consulting projects Change management is one of the crucial drivers for a successful M&A. In the direction through the on-ground workforce, various elements of change management have to be implemented to both organizations. In practice, change direction has to be implemented in two broad levels -- internal and external. Managing internal change entails communicating to staff members of both organizations; formula of staffing practices to be followed post M&A, preparation the organization structure; procedure decisions; Salesforce training, etc.. Managing external change involves communications to external entities (customers/regulatory authorities/ media, etc.), new product offerings, and marketing support.

Planning the post-merger integration

A good deal of Single / multiple Salesforce instance(s). In a procurement consulting we advocate using a top-notch Strategy To record all elements of a CRM environment, post-merger integration (as Revealed in Figure 11). The progress of the preparation can be monitored by an easy Report on the progress of the actions and associated tasks.

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