How to set up parental controls on Android

Here I am telling you to protect your children on an Android smartphone or tablet with restricted profiles and third-party apps. Android has no general built-in parental control features, but does include rudimentary controls in the Google Play store, and you may also put apps on your Android smartphone or tablet to help keep your child safe on the Internet.

Parents of Android fans have the ability to set up parental controls on their child's device, and the recent release of Android 4.3 has enhanced the restricted profiles feature that was introduced with version 4.2 of the operating system.

For set up parent control follow below steps

1.      Open Settings.
2.      Select Users.
3.      Tap Add user or profile.
4.      Tap to add a Restricted profile. 
At this point you will be prompted to set up a lock using a PIN, password or a
pattern if you haven't already done so.
How to set up parental controls on Android 
5.      All the installed apps on the device will then be displayed. Each of these can
be toggled on or off as you deem appropriate for the child you have set the
account up for. You cannot disabled all apps because all apps do not support
restricted profiles. 
How to set up parental controls on Android


6.  Choose Settings. From here you can choose to disable location services. 

6.  To start using the restricted account go to Settings, choose the newly created account and it will be set up for you by Android. From then on every time you lock the screen you will be given an option to use the restricted account you created. 

Google Play App Filtering 

When it comes to using smartphones and tablets or surfing the internet these days one can never be too careful. If you’re a parent or family member that bought your children or siblings a new Android smartphone or tablet this holiday season, setting up parental controls and content filtering on Android is something you should look into.

·       Open the Google Play app from the home screen.

·     Press the menu button. This is the button with three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner, adjacent to the search icon.

·    Select the 'Settings' option.

·    Now scroll the list and open Content filtering. 

How to set up parental controls on Android 

·    Now you’ll see the popup shown below. This isn’t the most advanced tool and won’t prevent everything from slipping through the cracks, but you’ll be able to disable it from showing all apps and select: Everyone, Low Maturity, Medium Maturity, High Maturity, and of course the show all, which is enabled by default 

How to set up parental controls on Android


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