Types of kisses

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A kiss is a touch for expressing love, sentiments, passion, care, respect, attraction, greetings friendship, peace,and good luck. A kiss is a way to explicit emotions, trust, seduction and feelings from one person to the other person it brings you physically and emotionally close to your partner. A kiss is very informative, it gives you information of one’s taste breathe, teeth and most important hygiene. Role of kiss depends on type of relationship you are in with the person.

A kiss has just not evolved up it has its own significance and importance, kiss leaves a deep impact in the whole body when kissed by lover a kiss leaves the mind and body in peace and comfort when kissed by a mother, a kiss gives a feeling of respect and care when expressed by friends and siblings, every kiss is expressed with different feelings. This article on different types of kisses will take you in the world of love and feelings.


THE FORHEEAD KISS: The forehead kiss is a gentle away to express care, protective natureand friendly gesture towards him or her. The forehead types of kisses doesn’t involves any sexual feeling it evolves feeling of respect and admiration.

AN ESKIMO KISS: the two persons rub their noses back and forth to express affection and gratitude. Parents and siblings often exchange Eskimo types of kisses

THE FRENCH KISS: It’s a very romantic, passionate, seductive type of kiss which indulges lots of tongue mastery. Passion in French kiss derives sexual feelings in your partner. People in love, romantic couples,and married couples often exchange French types of kisses.

BUTTERFLY KISS:When two people comes too close toeach other’s face that while kissing their eyelashes gets connected. Couples who are madly in love or infatuated expresses this intimate gesture.

SINGLE LIP KISS: Single lip types of kisses are exchanged among partners to make them comfortable with each other in a first start.

EARLOBE KISS: It’s avery intimate, intense and sensuous types of kiss, earlobes are held gently by the partner to execute a kiss and then earlobes are licked gently by your partner.

LINGERING LIP KISS: It’s a kiss where the tongue does not get involved and the mouths remain close only the lips are sucked by the partner. It’s a symbol of deep love and passion.

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