Enjoy The Beauty of Ancient Monuments of India

Enjoy The Beauty of Ancient Monuments of India

Jaipur Agra day tour is one of the best ways to explore two most prominent tourist destinations of Northern region of India. Both of these cities are known for their breathtaking and monumental buildings, rich culture and history, and jaw-dropping landscapes. Both of these cities make for an ideal place to spend some quiet and clam time with your family and loved ones in a limited budget.

The distance between both of these cities is roughly 270Km, and it takes about 6 hours to go from one city to the other through the expressway. In this type of same day tour package, you can explore some of the well known royal monuments and architectural wonders of the pink city ‘Jaipur’ and the ancient Mughal city Agra.

A LOOK AT Mughal capital Agra

Enjoy The Beauty of Ancient Monuments of India

Agra is the ancient Mughal capital which is world famous for housing one of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal. One of the major reasons why a lot of tourists visit India in the first place is because they want to witness the beauty of this symbol of love with their own eyes. One can’t explain the intricate design and beauty of this monument in words. Aside from this,

Agra also have other beautiful monuments that can easily captivate you with their architectural beauty. Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are the two UNESCO world heritage sites of this city, and there are plenty of other monuments that do not get that much recognition but are still worth visiting. Chini-Ka-Roza, Itmad-Ud-Doula, Akbar’s Tomb, Etc are some other tourist destinations that you can visit in your Jaipur Agra day tour.

A BIT ABOUT the Pink CIty Jaipur

Enjoy The Beauty of Ancient Monuments of India

Jaipur also popularly known as the Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan and a must visit a city in India. This city was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II on November 18, 1727, and since then it has still maintained its status as one of the major tourist attractions of India. It also prides on a lot of different panoramic landscapes, Landmarks, and traditional architecture. Same day Jaipur tour is a great way to visit and explore the beauty of this city to the fullest.

A lot of tourist and travelers pick the Agra Jaipur tour to visit the Pink City Jaipur and explore the royal culture and tradition of this city. You are sure to make some of the most memorable moments of your life in your journey to Agra and Jaipur. Both of these cities boast of some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world which are the reason why they are included in the Golden triangle tour which is the most sought-after tourism routes in the entire world.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to explore the beauty of India and it is your first time visiting this city then book your same day Jaipur tour right now and enjoy the time of your life.

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