Menu Strip Control in VB.Net

MenuStrip provides a menu system for a form. Creating MenuStrip ControlDrag and drop MenuStrip control from the toolbox on the window Form.Insert t

A Label Control in VB.Net

Label control is used to display Text on the Form. Main property of the label control is the text property which is used to set the text in the label.

FlowLayoutPanel Control in VB.Net

The FlowLayoutPanel dynamically repositions the controls it contains. The FlowLayoutPanel also supports Scroll when the AutoScroll property is set to True.

ComboBox Control in VB.Net

ComboBox is a combination of a TextBox and a ListBox. How use the ComboBox ControlDrag and drop ComboBox from toolbox on window Form.Code:'Here Item

The ToolTip Control in VB.Net

The ToolTip Control in VB.NetThe ToolTip control is used to display some text when the mouse is move over a control. This control is helpful in prov

DateTimePicker Control in VB.Net

A DateTimePicker control allows you to select a date and time.

TableLayoutPanel Control in VB.Net

The TableLayoutPanel control is a container of other control where child controls are added within a table structure. Control can be added to a cell of the table.

NumericUpDown Control in VB.Net

NumericUpDown is basically countered that the user can input a number within the specified range. With the Help of NumericUpDown Control, we can ent

Windows Form Controls

Windows Form Controls

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