A Baltimore Jewelers Guide to Choosing Engagement Rings for Men

When we talk about rings, we often mean a female audience. However, men's rings appeared much earlier than women's rings.

Lab grown diamonds a sustainable and responsible choice

A lab-grown diamonds are a real diamond made in a laboratory. In timeless white or rare color.

What to Know Before You Buy a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Before going to the jewelry store you should have a budget set on what you are willing to spend.

8 reasons Why Skin Turns Black from Gold Learned from Jewellers

The problem associated with the blackening of the skin in those places that come in contact with gold jewelry is by no means new. Another thing is that for some

Trending ideas from the late 90's jewelry designs

Fashion is a cycle. We can say there are only a few new ideas. Many fashion trends existed at some point in the past.