Understand The iOS Security Architecture

iOS is a mobile Operating System developed and introduced by Apple. it runs the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

Life Coaching App Offers Hope For Those Struggling

A new life coaching app is set out to help mental health victims in the US get their life back on track so that they can get the help they need

How a Custom Mobile App Development Can Help You Grow?

Custom mobile applications are picking up energy - according to the reports, on a normal, about 7.5 hours per representative every week are spared by utilizing redid mobile applications, and 82% of the entrepreneurs accept that it helped them procur

Apple disables its walkie-talkie Watch app due to vulnerability

Apple has disabled its walkie talkie watch app

3 Apps To Take Your Privacy to the Next Level!

Our phone is one of the most frequent companions in all our culprits. Some of the instances when you are guilty as charged are most beautiful times in your life.

Top 10 best iPhone Apps for Writers you can download for free

Writing, they say, is a solitary task. A writer writes alone, usually facing a computer or a laptop

The Best Free Reading Apps For Book Lovers

Are you fond of reading a book? Do you feel tired of carrying your books everywhere you go? If you have a small backpack or find difficult carrying a book but you cannot avoid your interest to read one

iOS Applications for the Cloud

a cloud symbol next to an iOS app name, this app has been offloaded to increase storage space on your device. ... However, unlike deleting apps, offloading keeps app data stored on your device

Beginners guide to iOS application development

The application development, either branching out from the iOS application development to android application development is taking importance every other day.

Do I need an App? When + When not to have a Company App

Understanding the concept that coming up with an effective mobile strategy is more than just having a mobile-friendly website.