Finding Swedens billigaste mobilabonnemang med obegränsad surf

Finding Swedens billigaste mobilabonnemang med obegränsad surf

If you are trying to find a phone with unlimited data, or also called ”billigaste mobilabonnemang med obegränsad surf”, then there are several options to choose from. This guide will help you with that! 

There are many operators offering free data/obegränsad surf and which is best depends on what you're after. Hallon for example, the cheapest but do not offer totally free data. Instead, the subscription is limited to 100 GB, which for most people is still regarded as obegränsad surf. Tele2 is, however, the operator is the cheapest and actually have free data in Sweden.

If you travel a lot and want to use your mobile however, Telenor is a better option. They are more expensive than Tele2 but offers free roaming in more countries than in the EU and EEA. In addition, you can browse for 100GB abroad with Tele2 subscriptions are surfing the amount is limited to 30 GB.

Is the cheapest subscription also the best?

Hallon are the best of those we compare, but it is not the best option. They primarily offer not totally free data or ”surf”. Moreover, the operator network Hallon that are not known to have good coverage in rural areas.

If you ever want to get in touch with customer service, you can not do it by phone. The only contact the roads to Raspberry is via a chat or their forums.

The best mobile subscription with free surf is rather Tele2. The operator's mobile is best for it includes free data you have access to an extensive customer service they reach out to 99.9 percent of the population with its 4G network.

Free data in Sweden?

It may seem like you can ”surf” absolutely unlimited with a mobile subscription with free data, but it's not true. If your mobile data significantly exceed the 'normal', the operator can turn off your mobile. There are examples where operators have done this to customers who have not used their mobile on a 'usual way”.

Exactly where operators draw the line when they close the subscription is unclear, but you absolutely can surf for 100GB a month without having to worry about the subscription will be turned off.

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