What are Tinder's biggest features?

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Steilla Leon asked 15-Mar-2022 in troubleshooting by Steilla Leon

What are Tinder's biggest features?

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Hitesh Vohra answered 20-Mar-2022 by Hitesh Vohra

Tinder's biggest features:

What are Tinder

  • You can sign up with Tinder using your Facebook/Google ID or your phone number. You may just connect in using Facebook or Google, and the programme will pull data from the appropriate platform.
  • User profiles allow you to see information such as profile images, birth dates, employment locations, and other details. Following that, you may enhance your profile by adding a brief description or a tag.
  • The app displays contacts based on the user's current location. Because the app must constantly fetch contacts based on the user's location, geolocation is critical to the program's entire functionality.

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