Why do people love Mac OS instead of Windows?

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Lily Chitlangiya asked 15-Feb-2022 in troubleshooting by Lily Chitlangiya

Why do people love Mac OS instead of Windows?

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Hitesh Vohra answered 15-Feb-2022 by Hitesh Vohra

Reason  people love Mac OS instead of Windows:

  • Macs are less expensive to purchase.
  • Mac computers are less difficult to fix.
  • Apple macOS may be more user-friendly, but this is a matter of personal opinion.
  • Apple's eco-system.
  • Macs come with a lot of useful apps pre-installed.
  • These free software may not be what you want, but they're not nearly as bad as the 'bloatware' that comes with most Windows PCs.
  • MacOS is always updated for free.
  • The majority of Mac laptops have stunning displays. The trackpads on Mac laptops are the greatest.
  • If you desire, you can run Windows on a Mac.

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