When was the 'National Security Act" passed?

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When was the 'National Security Act' passed?

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The National Security Act was passed on 23 September 1980
The former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi bought the National Security Act on 23 September 1980

The reason behind the creation of such an act
In Ancient India, it was very common to capture a person and detain him for several days. As we can clearly see during the period of the British parliament. Who use to detain the nationalist leaders and the person who raised the voice against the ruling of the government. The famous case of the Mangal Pandey and several others were captured and detained by the Angrez officers. And, didn’t inform their family members and even didn’t produce them in front of the court. Hence with the help of this example, we can clearly understand the need for such an act.

When was the

The act provides a special right to the government authority to make an arrest of any person. Who, is under the doubt of any conspiracy related to National Security, and for the protection of the national interest. This act gives a free jurisdiction to control the provisions that are given to the accused person in this arrest. This act has 18 sections related to the security of the nation and the arrest procedure of the person

The important sections of the act
  • Section 3 gives the power to the central and state government authority to make an arrest of a related person who can be a threat to the security of the Nation.
  • Section 4 execution of detention order
  • Section 9 speaks about the aspect of the constitution of the Advisory Boards
  • Section 11 tells the procedures of the advisory boards
  • Section 13 tells the detention period of detention which is 12 months
  • Section 18 tells the repeals and revision.